Joining a Lighthouse is the key way to get connected into the life of the church. Here you can easily make friendships and learn to live out your faith with others like you.
Lighthouses are a vital part of our community, great friendships and relationships have being forged and built in Lighthouses.

What Are Lighthouses?

Lighthouses are small gatherings of 4 to 12 people who meet fortnightly together during the week at a home to share community, support and encouragement. At the Lighthouses we study together and apply the teaching of the Bible to our everyday lives. Belonging to one means that you are part of a committed and loving family, where friendships are built, everyone participates and all are encouraged to use their gifts.

Find A Lighthouse Near You

To get involved in a lighthouse either by

  •     Joining one of our Lighthouse groups near you.
  •     Or to HOST a Lighthouse

Email for further details